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Thank you!

Thank you to each and every one of our guests and supporters who have donated money through our raffles and charity events. In 2017 we raised £1001.17, all of which will go direct to Karmu and continue her education and support in Nepal. Please ask our Team for more information on Karmu and the Dolma Foundation


 From springy curls to smooth blowouts, high-tech heat tools are the secret weapon to any styling routine. But with high heat comes risk: Without protection, exposure to high temperatures from hairdryers and irons can dehydrate hair, causing the outer cuticle to crack. Hair becomes dry, frizzy and unmanageable.

The Neuro® Liquid collection is a complete line of performance engineered products that are built to withstand the heat—and protect your hair every time you style.Made with exclusive HeatCTRL® technology, this scientifically proven regimen allows for guilt-free blowouts and styling, making them the perfect companion to Neuro® professional tools. Turn up the heat without compromising your hair.That’s intelligent styling.

In The Garden

 Dreamy, dainty and wildly romantic, this captivating shoot bloomed with chiffon dresses, spring flowers and beautiful bridal hair. See the Bespoke Wedding Video Gallery for the full video.



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