Dear Guests, friends and followers,


We have everything in place. The salon has been reorganised; we have loads of PPE, sanitisers, disposables, new procedures and policies and an eager team.

The team are fully Covid-19 trained to the latest spec and familiar with all the new procedures to ensure we deliver an excellent service within the current restraints and ongoing updates. Fortunately we have the official guidance of an external risk assessor, which gives us the confidence that all that we have prepared goes over and above the requirements.

It saddens us that after all our hard work to be sustainable and eco friendly salon we now are enforced to take such drastic measures and to have to use so much disposable single use plastic. Where ever we can we will use environmentally safe products, it isn’t easy but we’ll do our best until we can re engage in our beliefs and aims to protect our environment.

In the meantime, we will ensure that we take every ongoing precaution necessary and minimise all risks during your salon visit to protect you and our team.

Some of our services will have changed but we know that we can still welcome you and provide you with the experience you have been waiting for so long. We also promise not to judge your new look and hope you won’t either, if Gershwins isn’t quite how you remembered it, but rest assured there’s one thing we won’t compromise on is delivering a relaxing, safe and welcoming return to the style you’ll love.

We have been inundated with calls and our Front of House team are doing their best to answer all your calls and get you all booked in as soon as physically possible. We have had to split our teams so have extended our hours to try to compensate and provide extra availability. We’re hoping this measure will only be for a short period, but one step at a time. In the meantime, please respect our team as they are doing their utmost to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible.

For on going appointments our phone lines (01626 202112) will be open again from Saturday 4th July as per our new opening times below:

Monday / Tuesday 9am until 5.30pm
Wednesday / Thursday / Friday 8am until 8.30pm
Saturday 10am-4pm

Our Covid-19 policy is available to view. Click on the ' COVID-19' button at the top of the page. 

We couldn’t be more excited to be seeing you all very soon…Happy Hair Days!

Team Gershwins

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