We have a strong belief in our ethical responsibilities - both socially and environmentally. We work hard to minimise energy usage and eliminate waste wherever we can. We also actively support many local, national and international charities, individuals & the local community. We not only care for our Team's professional development, but their personal and mental welfare too.

We like to work with great companies that are also ethically minded, care for the environment and believe in ‘giving back’.


Karmu is one of the children we have been able to help, by sponsoring her education and studies in Kathmandu, Nepal. 100% of the proceeds raised have gone directly into her education through the Dolma Foundation.


Having graduated from High School, with flying colours Karmu is now studying Business at college in Kathmundu. Like all teenagers Karmu is learning the intricacies of becoming independent; living independently and getting to grips with the next stage in her education. We continue to support her through the Dolma Foundation and get regular updates on her progress. During the term breaks she returns to her home on the Tibetan border and enjoys some time with her family and helping in their small tea house. Karmu has a loving and supportive family relationship. Her older brother was also educated with the assistance of international sponsors and the Dolma Foundation and will be returns to his home district to support the community in the local medical clinic.

Donations and sponsorship enable many children from less privileged backgrounds receive a good education and opportunities otherwise unobtainable. Thank you for donating and helping to support Karmu and give her the opportunities that she deserves.


‘School’s out…’ for Karmu

Karmu is embarking on the next stage of her education having recently left school with a very glowing report and achievements. Earlier this year Karmu took the final tenth grade Secondary Learning Certificate exams and passed with flying colours. We’re all so immensely proud of her and congratulate her on all her achievements. Read More... 


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