We have a strong belief in our ethical responsibilities - both socially and environmentally. We work hard to minimise energy usage and eliminate waste wherever we can. We also actively support many local, national and international charities, individuals & the local community.

We like to work with great companies that are also ethically minded, care for the environment and believe in ‘giving back’.


Simon Wade
Gershwins Signature Designer & Educator


Charity skydive by Simon on behalf of the Eric charity which helps raise money for children with bowl and bladder problems.

’Our current total money raised is sitting at £4186.24 with still more donations coming in. What an amazing experience, the free fall was an adrenalin filled highlight but then the peace and tranquility of the descent when the canopy opened, it was the closest thing to flying like a bird. All for a great charity, helping children with bowl and bladder problems and there families. Thank you to everyone for their donations, help and support in giving back to these children and families and helping to ease and make their lives a little better. Thank you’.

Karmu is one of the children we have been able to help, by sponsoring her education and studies in Kathmandu, Nepal. 100% of the proceeds raised have gone directly into her education through the Dolma Foundation.


‘School’s out…’ for Karmu

Karmu is embarking on the next stage of her education having recently left school with a very glowing report and achievements. Earlier this year Karmu took the final tenth grade Secondary Learning Certificate exams and passed with flying colours. We’re all so immensely proud of her and congratulate her on all her achievements. Read More... 

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